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Sample preperation - CG-900 Cryo-Blade picture

Cole-Parmer - CG-900 Cryo-Blade Cryogenic Grinder

Breakthrough, hands free processing from bulk to analytical preparation in 15 minutes or less

• High-throughput processing of up to 1 kg of sample per run
• Execute a cycle in 15 minutes or less
• Capability to use liquid nitrogen or dry ice to process your sample
• Automated dispensing of liquid nitrogen eliminates the handling and manipulation of liquid nitrogen (patent pending)

The Cryo-Blade is an ultra high-capacity cryogenic grinder for sample preparation and processing of up to 1 kg of sample. The Cryo-Blade automatically dispenses liquid nitrogen to allow the sample to reach cryogenic temperatures and then activates a grinding phase to pulverize samples, resulting in repeatable and reproducible sample comminution. No liquid nitrogen handling required.
When liquid nitrogen is not desired or available, the unit can be used with dry ice to achieve desired results.
Automatic and protocol modes available. In automatic mode, parameters are set based on the volume of the sample. Protocol mode allows users to save up to 10 protocols. Cryo-Blade can accommodate samples up to 1 kg per run. Cycle can be executed in 15 minutes when using liquid nitrogen, or 30 minutes when using dry ice. The intuitive interface includes 12 languages.

Typical applications: analysis of organic pollutants in food products (pesticide residues), QuEChERS
Typical samples: fruits, vegetables, seeds, stalks, roots, fungi, flowers

Before and after samples: